International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI2018), August 5-10, 2018 in Guarujá, Brazil.

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The following symposia proposals have been received and were approved for inclusion in the scientific program of the congress

If you have been pre-invited by one of the symposia organizers to present your work as a speaker, please use the symposium number in your Abstract submission form and inform that you are an invited speaker.

If you have not been pre-invited but would like to present your work in one of the sessions, please inform the respective symposium number and inform that you are not an invited speaker. Most of the symposia still have open slots for non-invited contributions. The decision to allocate these contributions will be taken by the symposia organizers.


Symposia IUSSI 2018

Symposia Group 1: Genomics of Social Insects

1.1 The concept of epigenetics and its applicability to the study of social insects - Chairs: Ryszard Maleszka & Ben Oldroyd

1.2 Evolutionary co–option and "Ground Plan" revisited by current physiology and genomics - Chairs: Yasukazu Okada & Ken Sasaki

1.3 Genome editing in social insects - Chairs: Yehuda Ben–Shahar & Daniel Kronauer

1.4 From genes to societies - Chairs: Maria Cristina Arias & Martin Beye

1.5 From Omics to functionality in non–model social insects - Chairs: Michael Lattorff & Samuel Boff

1.6 GAGA and beyond: Advances, challenges and impact of large–scale genomic comparisons in social insects - Chairs: Lukas Schrader, Bitao Qiu & Guojie Zhang


Symposia group 2: Neurobiology, Communication and Behavior

2.1 Information use in social insects - Chair: Tomer J. Czaczkes, Stephen Pratt & Simon Garnier

2.2 Social and complex forms of learning in social insects - Chairs: Morgane Nouvian & Giovanni Galizia

2.3 Neuroethology of the hive mind: Ecological and evolutionary context of social insect brains - Chairs: Floria Mora–Kepfer Uy & Amy Toth

2.4 Chemical mechanisms underlying inter–caste communication - Chairs: Cintia Akemi Oi & Ricardo Caliari Oliveira

2.5 Adaptation and plasticity of behaviour in social insects - Chairs: Ricarda Scheiner & Christian Pirk


Symposia Group 3: Social Evolution and Sociobiology

3.1 Causes and consequences of division of labour in insect societies - Chairs: Raghavendra Gadagkar & Jennifer Fewell

3.2 Evolution of social organisation - Chairs: Yannick Wurm, Carlos Martinez Ruiz & Emeline Favreau

3.3 Does social insect biology need superorganisms? - Chairs: Heikki Helanterä & Patrick Kennedy

3.4 Social evolution and life history consequences - Chairs: Abel Bernadou, Boris H. Kramer & Karen Meusemann

3.5 Causes and consequences of morphological variation in social insect workers - Chairs: Michael Rivera, Scott Powell, Anna Dornhaus & Andrew Suarez


Symposia Group 4: Health and Immunity

4.1 20 years since ‘Parasites in Social Insects’ – where have we travelled and what does the future hold? - Chairs: Mark Brown, Lena Wilfert, Seth Barribeau & Ben Sadd

4.2 Defense mechanisms against diseases in social insects - Chairs: Dalial Freitak & Gro Amdam

4.3 Pandemics, virulence and spill over– What can social insects teach us about virus evolution? - Chairs: Emily Remnant & Stephen Martin


Symposia Group 5: Ecophysiology and Environmental Interactions

5.1 Social insect ecophysiology - Chairs: Alex Walton & Amy Toth

5.2 Complex environmental interactions and its effect on colony phenotype - Chairs: Sarah Bengston & Jenny Jandt

5.3 Social insect eco–physiology across scales - Chairs: Sara Leonhardt, Clint Penick & Jonathan Shik

5.4 OPEN SESSION: Community Ecology - Chairs: N.N.


Symposia Group 6: Conservation Biology and Progress in Ecology

6.1 Conservation of social insect populations - Chairs: Elizabeth J.M. Evesham & David R. Nash

6.2 Past and future social insect invasions - Chairs: Cleo Bertelsmeier & Laurent Keller

6.3 Ecosystem services provided by social insects: advances and perspectives - Chairs: Luciana Elizalde, Natalia Lescano, Gabriela Pirk & Victoria Werenkraut

6.4 Stingless bees: integrating basic biology, innovation and conservation policy - Chairs: Denise de Araujo Alves & Vera Lucia Imperatriz Fonseca

6.5 Progress in ecology, behaviour, and social wasp management - Chairs: Maité Masciocchi, Phil Lester, Jacqueline Beggs & Juan C.Corley


Symposia Group 7: Phylogeny and Evolution

7.1 Macroevolution of ants - Chairs: Georg Fischer, Philip S. Ward & Evan P. Economo

7.2 Unorthodox speciation in eusocial insects: social parasitism, hybridization, and social barriers to reproduction - Chairs: Christian Rabeling, Jessica Purcell & Alan Brelsford

7.3 OPEN SESSION: Taxonomy and phylogeny - Chair: N.N.

7.4 OPEN SESSION: Evolution and speciation - Chair: N.N.

7.5 OPEN SESSION: Biogeography - Chair: N.N.


Symposia Group 8: IUSSI – Horizontal Issues

8.1 Research ethics, equity, and responsible science (Round Table) - Chair: Ulrich Mueller & Rachelle Adams