International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI2018), August 5-10, 2018 in Guarujá, Brazil.

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About Guaruja

Guarujá, is a médium-sized city on the coast of São Paulo State. It is the major seashore tourist resort in São Paulo, located on the Tropic of Capricorn in a spectacular location. Its front is an Atlantic bay beachfront and right behind it rises the Atlantic Rainforest mountain range up to 600 m above sea level. The name Guarujá comes from the Tupi language and means “narrow path”. 

Guarujá is easily accessible from the São Paulo International Airport Guarulhos via the Imigrantes Highway, which takes you from São Paulo city (800 m above sea level) down to the coast.

The Enseada neighborhood of Guarujá, where the Casa Grande Hotel and Conference Center is located is a residential area with many three to five story appartment buildings between the beach promenade and the main avenue (Avenida Dom Pedro I).

As shown in the map, the Dom Pedro I Avenue is a lively business area where you can find banks, supermarkets and all kinds of small stores. Close to the beach front are the main hotels, including Casa Grande, and many bars and restaurants, as well as the Beach Shopping mall with all kinds of small shops and lunch and snack booths. Also, don’t forget to visit the Guarujá Aquarium close by.  

The beach front promenade of about 6 km invites strolling or a work out.




Tours are offered by Vivaenjoy

Vivaenjoy is a company specialized in organizing excursion around the Guarujá area. Its office is located within the lobby of Casa Grande Hotel. This location will make it very esy for you to make your tour arrangements. You can either drop by the office during your stay in Guarujá, or contact them beforehand via their website: 

per e-mail: [email protected]

or phone: (13)3382-63021 / (13) 3329-2035. In any case, inform that you are a participant at the IUSSI 2018 congress.

For IUSSI2018 participants, Vivaenjoy put together the following tour offers, generally day or half day tours. Note, for some of the tours, prices will depend on the number of participants.


Ermida do Guaibê and Praia Branca Trail: 

This beautiful experience includes the Praia Branca Trail and the Trail of the Ruins. Praia Branca Trail begins in the Praia Branca portal, next to the Guaruja-Bertioga ferry at the end of Guaruja-Bertioga Highway. This is also called the high trail, lasting about 30 minutes on an easy path and stone paving, providing users easy access and a spectacular interaction with the Atlantic Forest. Along the way, thousands of species of plants, animals may be observed, and at its highest point, the beautiful view of the island next to the beach.

Trail of the Ruins just as the Praia Branca Trail starts at the Praia Branca portal. It is also known as the low track, lasting about 40 minutes of moderate level of difficulty. Along the path, you can see the ruins of da Armação das Baleias, located outside the Bertioga channel, an important economic milestone in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, where oil was extracted from whales for street lighting and construction. In addition, you can visit the ruins of the Chapel of Sto. Antônio do Guaibê, a chapel from the sixteenth century built from stone and whale oil and where the Priest José de Anchieta took the word of God to those in need.


Praia Branca, Preta e Camburizinho Trails: 

The Black and White Road will take you to three rustic and charming havens:Praia Branca Trail, Praia Branca, Praia Preta and Praia de Camburi.It is a tour conducted initially on an easy path and stone paving, offering great interaction with the Atlantic Forest.The Praia Branca is a fishing village where sea and nature are the most sought elements. From then, we follow to the Praia Preta, of great beauty, on a challenging path. Moving on,we go toPraia do Camburi,to visit an even more amazing scenery and a completely deserted beach in the Guararú Reserve. This itinerary offers a complete view of the beaches and the Atlantic Rain Forest biomes.Minimum of 10 passengers, 6hs of duration


Sambaquis (Middens or shell heaps): 

Tucked away in a mangrove area, on the banks of the Bertioga Channel, in Guarujá, a 31-meter-high sambaqui and about 100 meters long has everything to become the largest in the world. Sambaquis are arqueological sites, indicating the presence of precolombian settlements of people who used marine food resources.  Duration: half a day.


Camburi Waterfall Trail: 

The Camburizi waterfall trail begins near the Guaruja-Bertioga ferry and is also known by many as the low track and return by the HighTrail. Because it presents a higher level of difficulty and a lengthy duration,is not indicated for children,people with mobility problems or who are not used to long walks, but all the effort is well rewarded. Along the way, hundreds of species of plants and animals can be observed very closely. From its highest point, we can see the beautiful Guarujá island next to the Praia Branca, which is a surfer’s paradise and a portal to get to the Camburizinho waterfall ,a secluded scenery waiting for the more adventurous. Minimum of 10 passengers, 4hs of duration


Bird Watching:

A carefully crafted trail in the middle of the Atlantic Forest is considered perfect for bird watching.In this place, our specialized guide in bird watching can take up to 10 guests for trails located on the northeast side of the Guarujá island. Lasting for about four hours, we will start at 06:00 am, ending at 10:00 am.A perfect adventure for lovers of bird watching.


Conde Trail:

Visit to the only Private Natural Heritage Reserve in Guarujá.

Duration: at least half a day.

Specific trail for insect observation


Schooner on the Northeast Coast

A beautiful walk out of the Marina or Bertioga pier on the northeast side of the island. We will pass through the Bertioga channel overlooking the São Felipe Fort, along the beautiful beaches of Branca, Camburizinho, Itaguaíba, São Pedro, Ilha Rasa and Iporanga beach where we will make a stop for sea bathing and the most adventurous possible to swim to a beautiful beach. Duration: half a day.


Acqua Mundo

The Aquamundo in Guaruja is the second largest aquarium in South America. With about 5000 animals of 170 species in tanks totaling 1.5 million gallons of fresh and salt water.

The touch tank, where stingrays, anemones and lobsters can be played, is one of the most disputed attractions, as well as feeding the penguins.

The bravest can even schedule a swim with sharks every day 13.00 and 19.00.

Note, this aquarium is located close to the beach promenade and can easily be visited at all times on your own, but you  can buy tickets at a reduced price at the Vivaenjoy office.



The Morro da Campina or Morro de Maluf located between the Enseada and Pitangueiras beaches is a beautiful natural viewpoint. For the more adventurous it is an excelente opportunity for extreme sports, such as paragliding, climbing or rapel. Please contact for instructors.


City tour in Santos

Santista experience -Discoverer -Half Day (4 hours)

Santos is the main Brazilian port, located only a few miles from Gurarujá by car, or, more directly by ferry across the Guarujá-Santos straight.

Santos is famous for its city beach promenade and is a city full of history of importance for Brazil. We will pass by the beaches with beautiful gardens, considered by the Guinness Book as the "largest beach garden in the world", visit the Santos Football Club which, besides the stadium, has a museum that depicts all the achievements of the "peixe" team. We will also visit the museum dedicated to Pele, who was the main star of Santos Futebol Clube and even Maradona considers him the King of Football.

Then we will go to the Old Town where we see buildings belonging to all periods of Brazilian history and churches, particularly the Church of Valongo, one of the most traditional in Santos and the building of the Stock Exchange Official Coffee, landmark of a past time, with its former Hall of trading sessions and several rooms, today transformed into a museum, and a cafeteria in which we shall drink and buy one of the best coffee in Brazil. Remember, Santos was the main port for coffee export until 1930. Notes: Tickets for the Santos Futebol Clube, the Coffee Stock Exchange and Pele Museum are not included. On days of a football match it will not be possible to visit the stadium.



Places of interest

Besides a stroll along the Enseada Beach promenade, take the opportunity to visit the Guarujá Aquarium located just off the beach promenade. From the Morro da Campina, also known as Morro do Maluf, you can have a marvelous view of the Guarujá/Santos Bay área.

If you plan to spend more time on the São Paulo coast, consider renting a car for a scenic drive along the Rio Santos-Road. Extending for over 300 km, the road starts just outside of Guarujá and winds along the coast up to Rio de Janeiro. There are several places worth stopping, such as the beaches of Barra de Una and Juquehy, Maresias, especially for surfing fans, as it is home to Gabriel Medina, the 2016/2017 World Champion, and the numerous beaches of Ubatuba, which end at the border with the state of Rio de Janeiro. Just thereafter is the historic city Paraty, a UNESCO World Heritage candidate. After passing Angra dos Reis you enter the Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro in Mangaratiba. All along the Rio-Santos Road you have the sea to your right and the Atlantic Rainforest mountain range  to your left.