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Benjamin Oldroyd - University of Sydney, Australia

Benjamin Oldroyd
University of Sydney, Australia

Ben Oldroyd is Professor of Behavioural Genetics at the University of Sydney, Australia. He completed a BSc(Agr) in 1980 and a PhD at the University of Sydney in 1984. Bern Oldroyd’s  research focuses on the behavioral genetics of honey bees, the evolution of social behavior  and evolution more broadly. He is also heavily involved with the Australian beekeeping industry, including helping beekeepers breed better, healthier strains. Ben has made important contributions to understanding the genetic basis of worker sterility in honey bees, and his breeding techniques are now widespread in the Australian beekeeping industry. His book Asian Honey Bees: Biology, Conservation and Human Interactions (Harvard University Press) is the authoritative text on the subject.  Ben has authored nearly 200 scientific papers on bees and social insects.