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Survey of Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Biodiversity in New Orleans, Louisiana

Shaun Michael Broadley, Eric Guidry , Carrie Cottone , Claudia Riegel
New Orleans Mosquito Control, USA; New Orleans Mosquito Control, USA ; New Orleans Mosquito Control, USA ; New Orleans Mosquito Control, USA
The Formicidae is a very diverse family of social insects that are a very important component of the ecosystem. There are approximately 140 known species in Louisiana, but not all have been documented within the city of New Orleans. An extensive survey focusing on ant diversity only within New Orleans has not yet been conducted. For this preliminary survey of ants in New Orleans, we sampled within three types of environments found within the city: forested, urban, and greenspaces. Sampling was conducted at each of these areas twice a week for three months using active sampling techniques, pitfall traps, and Berlese funnels. All collected ants were identified to species and counted to determine diversity of species and their relative abundance.