International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI2018), August 5-10, 2018 in Guarujá, Brazil.

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Symposia IUSSI 2018

The complete PROGRAM BOOK with information on symposia schedules and posters sessions  can now be downloaded from this link:

Download Program IUSSI2018

At the congress you will receive a hardcopy of this book, so there is no need to print it out in advance.

Credit and copyright for bee photo in Program Book: Guilherme Simões


Convention Center

The convention center has a large auditorium that subdivides into the José Bonifácio and Princesa Leopoldina halls, the Teresa Cristina and the Tiradentes hall. The poster area is on the wide terrace area of the congress center. The other three congress rooms are on the ground floor of the hotel lobby (Sala Diamante) and on the mezzanine floor (Salão Nobre and Sala Ouro Preto), right next to the lunch and dinner buffet area.

Registration Desk

On Sunday August 5, the registration desk will be in the main area of the convention center and will be open there from 16 - 18 o’clock. On the subsequent days, the registration desk will be in the Administration room in the small building right next to the convention center, and will be open there from 8:30 to 18 o’clock every day, except for Wednesday, when it will be open from  8:30-12 o’clock.

Media Desk for oral presentations

The media desk is right next to the Administration area. Please upload there your PowerPoint presentation for your oral presentation to the computers of the audiovisual service staff. You should do this with at least a few hours ahead of your presentation. If you have videos embedded in your presentation, make sure that they are uploaded correctly so that you do not loose time during your presentation. And please note, do not consider projecting your presentation from your own laptop, as this will inevitably cause delays for your presentation and, especially so, also for the subsequent speakers.

Poster presentations

Poster boards are set up in the Terrace area of the congress center. The poster board size is 100 cm width and 220 cm height (yes, really 220 cm). So please prepare your poster to fit within these dimensions, of course it can be smaller. Posters can be on display during the entire congress but there will be two poster sessions, one on Monday and one on Tuesday afternoon, divided according to symposia group topics. Please check the program for the posters to be presented during these sessions.

Data Blitz sessions

As a novelty in the program we have included two Data Blitz sessions for brief three-minute presentations of poster contents. The Data Blitz session on Monday is reserved for posters of Poster Session 1 and that on Tuesday for the posters of session 2. There will be a limit of maximally 40 presentations in each session, and you can sign up for these during registration, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that due to the time limits and the number of presentations it will not be possible to present PowerPoint slides for your poster content.  


Student Poster Prizes

Like in the two previous events, three prizes will be attributed to the best posters submitted and presented by students. Posters will be judged by a committee of five senior IUSSI members named by the congress organizers, with decisions based on the following criteria:

Technical quality (40% weight): overall impression concerning structure of the poster; clarity of the overall message; readability (font sizes, disposition of graphic material, figures and tables); technical quality of graphic material, figures and tables.

Scientific quality (40% weight): clarity of the question(s) addressed; clarity of the hypothesis (in case of hypothesis-driven work); clarity and appropriateness of methods used; clarity of figures and legends (do they convey what they are intended to show?); clarity of tables (do they convey what they are intended to show?); appropriateness of the conclusions drawn; complexity of the question addressed with respect to the IUSSI community; novelty of the question(s) addressed with respect to the IUSSI community

Quality of presentation during poster session (20% weight): presence of student presenter (submitting author of abstract) during poster session;  competence of presenter to answer and discuss questions raised.

Poster prize winners will be announced during the Closing Sssion, and student presenters (submitting authors of abstracts) must be present at this session to receive the prize.